FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™

By: SeQent
Alarm and Event management software with automatic alarm escalation, capable of integrating large-scale System Platform deployments or numerous InTouch HMI projects into a centralized alarm management solution.
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Connectivity and Interoperability
Our connectivity and interoperability enable informed decision making by dispatching automated text messages or voice enunciations from System Platform, InTouch, OPC, and ODBC data sources to two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, LED/LCD displays, and more in real-time.
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Centralized Management Console
Utilizing the FirstPAGE Alarm Manager centralized console configuration of alarms across many projects or viewing alarm status and logs is extremely easy.
Alarm Escalation
As alarms age, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager will automatically send reminder messages and escalate to a staff hierarchy drawing the appropriate attention to events.
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Mass Configuration
Utilising both the native wildcarding of alarms and import/export capabilities configuration of large complex environments requires minimal effort. Alarm Message, Terminate Message and Escalation Hierarchies are all templated. Re-use of previously created templates allows for alarm configuration in just a few clicks.
Powerful Text Messaging Engine
Featuring many advanced features like heterogeneous device integration, sophisticated scheduling capabilities, extremely low latency and high volume throughput.
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™
Global Messaging Protocol Support
SeQent's messaging engine supports protocols for all mobile phone carriers, on-site paging systems, overhead PAs, and proprietary extensions for products from Cisco, Motorola Solutions and Zebra, as well as SeQent's Wi-Fi Messenger smartphone/tablet Wi-Fi based messaging.
Optimized Scenario
Scalable, flexible and highly distributable tag-based SCADA software, offering "out-of-the-box" redundancy, powerful scripting engine and Equipment model overlay. Ideal for custom, complex SCADA applications.
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Windows 10
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows 7
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