FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways

By: SeQent
A gateway to interconnect InTouch HMI and System Platform with our Wireless Alarm and Event Notification platforms.
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Tight Integration
Providing both real-time browsing of InTouch and System Platform alarms and high-performance integration with the InTouch and System Platform alarm queue, these Gateways provide seamless integration.
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways
Gateway for InTouch
For the InTouch platforms providing messaging capability in the event of an InTouch alarm. Completely integrated with InTouch including alarm browsing.
Gateway for System Platform
For System Platform to provide messaging capability in the event of a System Platform alarm. Completely integrated with System Platform including alarm browsing. Wildcard configuration of alarms allows for a very small ruleset to accurately route hundreds or thousands of alarms with very little configuration.
Picture of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways
Optimized Scenario
Scalable, flexible and highly distributable tag-based SCADA software, offering "out-of-the-box" redundancy, powerful scripting engine and Equipment model overlay. Scales well for individual InTouch installations to large multi-HMI architectures.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System