Flexera Software Monetization Platform

Helps software suppliers around the globe protect and monetize their SaaS, mobile, on-premises, and embedded applications
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Drive Revenue From Your Software Products While Protecting Your IP
  • Software and IoT suppliers worldwide protect and monetize their SaaS, mobile, on-premises, and embedded applications with Flexera’s Software Monetization Platform.
  • It helps them protect their applications, manage compliance, understand their customers’ needs, and drive recurring revenue.
  • Ship clean, optimized software for great ROI.
  • Our platform manages your software products, customers and their entitlements so you can leverage product usage and customer insight data to grow your number of subscribers, and make strategic decisions about future development.
Picture of Flexera Software Monetization Platform
Add Speed, Agility And Automation To Your Software Business
Manage all applications - on-premises, embedded or SaaS - in a central monetization backoffice while protecting your applications from overuse and piracy.
  • Align price with value, add product agility and grow recurring revenue
  • Benefit from a central view of your customers and their use rights - across all products
  • Scale your software or IoT business and deliver software and upgrades automatically
  • Protect your applications against hacking and overuse and manage compliance
  • Analyze device, software and feature usage, trigger upsell and cross-sell discussions and help customers succeed
Optimized Scenario
Manages customers, by integrating with CRM or ERP, and their software entitlements, generates licenses, measures usage and helps grow the software business
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