FlexNet Operations

The software monetization control center that enables you to efficiently operate your SaaS, IoT and Software Business. Grow recurring revenue and become a digital leader.
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Customer Growth
  • Get real customer insight, reduce churn and increase renewal rates.
  • Drive upsell and cross-sell campaigns more effectively.
  • manage renewals proactively and provide customers with insight and transparency.
  • Empower customers with customized notifications, self-service, and clear call-to-action.
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A Modular System That Can Be Tailored To Your Needs
The platform comes with a proven core product that leverages Flexera’s deep and extensive understanding of the software and IoT industries. Additional modules provide enhanced capabilities to meet the specific demands of today’s software suppliers.
Cloud Monetization
  • Provision users and use rights directly in-app, using a secure and easy to use web services framework.
  • Manage usage metrics and usage dataControl all processes from a central cloud licensing serviceConnect to your SaaS, on-premises and embedded apps using the Flexera Cloud Monetization API.
  • Measure any kind of usage in your on-premises, embedded and SaaS applications.
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Software Updates and Insights
  • Send updates and patches to software & devices and deploy automatically or after user interaction
  • Prevent revenue leakage with entitlement-driven updates
  • Have a full track record of what’s been delivered and what is deployed
  • Know exactly what customers are on which version and track product adoption
  • Deliver on regulatory demands in some industries like medical, and provide update capability
Software Monetization Control Center
Enables you to monetise software effectively and manage compliance and customer growth. It supports all monetization models – from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models. FlexNet Operations allows you to capitalize on new revenue opportunities:
  • Implement all available monetization models from on-premises to cloud
  • Track and manage compliance
  • Measure usage as a basis for pricing
  • Optimize the trial to buy process
  • Dynamically create product configurations (like standard and light versions)
  • Change features on demand and monetise premium features
  • Know exactly who is using what so you can monetize effectively
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Optimized Scenario
Manages Software Entitlements and Licenses, Enables and Enforces Software and IoT Business Models
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