Galaxy Object Manager

Create and maintain Galaxies using spreadsheets, quickly and easily make large scale changes or create large numbers of objects, easily insert levels of derivation
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Bulk Editing ArchestrA Objects Easily
Editing large numbers of items quickly and easily in a spreadsheet format, including UDA arrays, extensions and other object information. Supports the export of scripts and graphics for easy edit and import, export of objects in an easy-to-modify format which assists in assigning I/O, alarm messages and descriptions You can easily assign I/O address to object instances based on data output from a galaxy, object renaming, delete hierarchical objects and templates without deleting children objects first Performs cascading attribute unlocks for all children templates and instances
Picture of Galaxy Object Manager
Picture of Galaxy Object Manager
Improving Workflow
Manage graphics, templates, and instances. You can update attributes, locking status, security, extensions (Input/ Output, Historization, etc.), scripting, graphics, and more. All this can be done using spreadsheet (CSV) data inputs. This allows an engineer to use common tools, like Excel, to help create and update their Galaxy in a quick and simple fashion. No more mouse-click-typerepeat! Leverage Excel and GOM programming features to quickly create attributes, instances, and more.
Optimized Scenario
For bulk editing of ArchestrA objects and Graphics in a Galaxy
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Windows Operating System
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