Geographical Supervisory - SCADA

For the distributed operational control across geographically distributed sites and systems
Connectivity to Field, Industry Devices
Choose from a myriad of connectors and communication servers for control devices, applications and systems. Connect automation devices, control systems, HMI systems, historians, relational databases, quality and maintenance systems, enterprise business systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). Wonderware Operations Integration Servers provide data integration capabilities and communications security needed to tie all of your silos of automation together.
Picture of Geographical Supervisory - SCADA
Designed for Geographically Distributed Systems
Rich Integration with GIS systems and with the ability to integrate with distributed systems, scalable and flexible.
Picture of Geographical Supervisory - SCADA
Gain Control Across Vendor Control Devices
Prometheus gives you an extraordinary, high level programming environment that automates complex configuration tasks and enables you to configure all of your control components, regardless of type or vendor brand.
Picture of Geographical Supervisory - SCADA