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A software solution for Wonderware System Platform to enhance visualization and navigation of spatial or geographical data in Wonderware and seamlessly integrate with GIS providers such as ESRI/ArcGIS, OpenStreetMaps, GoogleMaps and Bing among others.
Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds
The almost unlimited power of Wonderware and a human-oriented approximation from GISIZE!
Picture of GISIZE - GEOSpatial
What does GISize! bring to the Table?
Spatial data is key to understanding infrastructure - Understand relationships, patterns, and trends with GISIZE. GISIZE provides a process and position-oriented HMI and the perception of elements with respect to time and spatial data.
Seamlessly Integrate with Wonderware
  • GISIZE has been developed to align with Wonderware technology and enhance the Wonderware user’s experience
  • Supports the latest versions of Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch OMI and Wonderware InTouch (2014 R2, 2017 Update2, 2017 Update3)
  • Integrates with the InTouch OMI App
  • The development environment is based on Wonderware IDE using Wonderware Logger
  • Provides several productivity tools: Auto Deploy, Automatic Object Creation, SDK, Templates and Instances and Online/Offline modes
GISize! FastDevelopment Module
Create Wonderware and GISIZE structures (based on templates, instances and model views) quickly and easily, including the option to deploy new objects without additional engineering tools.
Optimized Scenario
Infrastructure projects like Smart Cities and SCADA solutions that are global in scale and based on System Platform 2017 Update 2
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System Requirements
Windows Server
MS SQL Server
Windows Operating System
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