Global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution Practice

Combination of dedicated MES project delivery teams and global solution architects that specialize in the implementation of multi-site MES programs
What's Different?
  • Experience - We have the largest number of deployments of Wonderware MES
  • Expertise - Vast industry and technical expertise to deliver high value execution solutions that results in proven significant improvements to the manufacturing operations
  • Approach - Establishing the center of Excellence (CoE) followed by a proven delivery methodology that is documented in eQuIP as part of the overall Quality Framework
MES solution practice differentiator
Manufacturing Execution System  solution delivery
Global MES Practice Coverage
100+ experts distributed across various locations focused exclusively on Wonderware MES. Projects are implemented by the Practice, and alternatively in conjunction with other members of the Delivery organization, and with select third parties (systems integrators) ensuring MES Solutions are delivered across the Globe.
MES Practice Competencies
Composed of project management, application development and senior level technical resources with deep MES expertise, the Practice is charged with ensuring successful MES solution implementations that leverage both design and execution best practices. Our specialized project management teams follow a proven methodology which is codified in our eQuIP Quality Framework which ensures the success factor of large-scale, complex execution solutions that are rolled out globally. Our experts fundamental skill sets include:Primary
  • ArchestrA object development and scripting
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and general object oriented programming skills
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML5
  • InBatch development skills
  • HMI and SCADA development skills
Manufacturing Execution System Delivery Practice Competencies
MES solution Stack
Product Stack
Products used in our solutions include:
  • MES (Operations, Performance and Quality)
  • Enterprise Integrator
  • InTouch
  • System Platform
  • Recipe Manager Plus
  • InBatch
  • Workflow Management
  • Intelligence
Picture of Global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution Practice
Global MES Practice Mission
“The Wonderware MES Practice’s mission is to support the transformation of our customers’ manufacturing operations through the adoption of Manufacturing Operations Management technology to improve operations, safeguard the quality of produced goods, meet their ethical and regulatory obligations and enable the business agility needed to ensure continued success for those customers. The MES Practice does this by delivering implementation and deployment services for AVEVA's portfolio of operations and execution software through a global team of professionals who work in a culture of collaboration, trust, and sustainability. The goal for this team is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while building value for AVEVA's shareholders through the growth and profitability of both the delivery practice and the product portfolio it supports.”
Solution Practice
Optimized Scenario
Dedicated MES project delivery teams and global solution architects that specialize in the implementation of multi-site MES programs.
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