AVEVA™ Historian

A high-fidelity industrial database that consolidates and stores data from disparate sources and enables users to access relevant information across the enterprise.
Hybrid Industry Historian - Combining Process and Digital data
Unlike conventional relational database technology which is not well-suited to production environments, AVEVA Historian handles time-series data, as well as alarm and event data. Unique AVEVA “block technology" captures plant data hundreds of times faster than a standard database system and utilizes a fraction of conventional storage space.
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High-speed Data Acquisition and Storage System with a Traditional Relational Database Management System
Integrated with SQL server, ease of installation, setup and flexibility of natural SQL retrieval.
Natural Integration with Supervisory Control
  • Rich HMI capability with AVEVA InTouch HMI
  • Native tag creation from AVEVA InTouch HMI, Citect, ClearSCADA and AVEVA System Platform
  • Data integrity through natural store forward from sources
Picture of AVEVA™ Historian
Maintaining Business Continuity, Data High Availability
Maintaining Business Continuity - High Availability
  • Configure one tier as a data repository for backup of critical information or replicate historical data in multiple tiers.
  • Lower tiers can feed higher levels either a complete data stream or just summary, aggregated data.
  • If the system goes down while you are using data analysis and reporting applications such as AVEVA Historian Client, the system switches automatically to a designated backup historian.
  • When the primary historian comes back online, all connected AVEVA Historian Client instances switch back automatically to the primary server.
Optimized Scenario
Process Historian for the Plant, ideal for Hybrid Industries/ Process with mixture of process data and digitial data.
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Windows Server
Windows Operating System
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