Historian Clients

The powerful analysis and reporting companion for Wonderware Historian that provides visibility into real-time and historical data for decision support.
Rich Process Trending Analysis
Drag & drop data selection (Tag Picker). Absolute or relative time scaling (Time Picker). Static or live data mode. History playback. Single or stacked Trace. X-Y scatter trends. Powerful scaling, panning, zooming, cursors and annotation capabilities. Flexible time horizon. Rich analysis.
Picture of Historian Clients
Picture of Historian Clients
Fast and Easy Data Querying
Create your own data queries with over 20 “out of the box” Query Types. No SQL skills needed. Save your queries. Use in other applications.
Microsoft Office Add-ins: Empowering Reporting/ Analysis
Data analysis and reports, Excel add-in, Word add-in. Connect to Historian and build your data reports using functions, formulas, queries, and wizards.
Picture of Historian Clients
Optimized Scenario
Process Engineer Rich Detailed Analysis, Discover from Historian
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Windows Operating System
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