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Historical Trend App

Provides an "out of the box" set of capabilities for rich run-time and historical trending within your InTouch OMI screens. Little effort to implement and configure and built as a native application for InTouch OMI.
Deep And Rich Functionality, Evolved Over Many Years And Many User Applications
  • Not your average trend tool!
  • User driven features and functions configurable at solution level
  • Run-time user configuration to personalize for exact use
Picture of Historical Trend App
Picture of Historical Trend App
Unlocks The Power Of The Process Data Historian
The Process Data Historian is a highly evolved and powerful time series historian.  This OMI App leverages the features, functions, and performance in an easy to configure and use OMI App. For example:
  • Powerful retrieval modes process the data upon use
  • Play-back capability to go back in time and watch the data as it changed
Optimised Scenario
Use for historical data analysis in InTouch OMI solutions only
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Security Compliance
System Requirements
InTouch OMI
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