Industrial Automated Messaging Software

By: SeQent
SeQent’s cost-effective & innovative Industrial Automated Messaging Software provides a high-volume automated messaging platform that publishes text and voice data in real-time to a wide range of communication devices.
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Industrial Automated Messaging Introduction
Our Industrial Automated Messaging software offers a generic interface to a multitude of messaging platforms, enabling simplified communication and configuration.  This solution enables messaging to the right people at the right time with features such as:
  • Automated failover provider paths
  • Connection management
  • Time zone configuration
  • Schedule configuration
  • Distribution lists
Industrial Automated Messaging Introduction
SeQent Platform Overview
IIoT Enabled Platform - Advanced Connectivity and Interoperability
Our Innovative Communication Platform leverages our partnership with AVEVA and our integration with industrial automation systems.  Key Benefits:
  • Platform is IIoT enabled – supports a wide range of inputs (applications and systems: ERP, MES, Life Safety) and outputs (devices and messaging destinations)
  • Easy installation & dynamic configuration – user-friendly, rapid installation, and dynamic configuration
  • Multi-lingual character support – our software supports the output of Unicode characters to both textual devices and visual displays
  • Centralized & remote management – access SeQent Solutions from any browser on any device
Industrial Alarm Notification Software Bundle
FirstPAGE can be used as a standalone product, or it can be bundled together with our Industrial Alarm Notification Software.
  • Cost-effective and innovative solutions - we offer competitive pricing & consistently evolve our product lines to meet industry and customer demands
  • Real-time notifications & insight - receive alarm notifications and gain insight into operations in real-time
  • Highly scalable & customizable – infinitely scalable and can easily replace or integrate with current system
  • Alarm escalation & management - full alarm and event life cycle management with automatic alarm escalation, repeat counts, and message delays.
Picture of Industrial Automated Messaging Software
Product Extension- Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging
SeQent’s Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging product family provides an autonomous communications network built off of an internal Wi-Fi network. This innovative and cost-effective product enables secure and reliable Wi-Fi message delivery that eliminates the requirement of a SIM card and carrier contract, as well as mobile carrier coverage dependency.
Optimized Scenario
Increase productivity, quality, and the bottom line with our Alarm Notification & Visualization Software solutions that build a bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices.
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Multi-Lingual Character Support – our software supports the output of Unicode characters to both textual devices and visual displays
System Requirements
Windows Server
Apple iOS
Windows Operating System
Windows Clients