Industrial Information Management

Every day, people, devices and processes are generating a large amount of data, but without context and meaning, it's just noise. Industrial Information Management isn’t just about collecting and storing data, it’s about analyzing down to the most miniscule details to discover the trapped value within your organization.
Making Plant Managers More Efficient
Cost control and revenue enhancement - Know your history and profit from it. Knowledge management - Capture unique equipment, process and people data to optimize your operations. Data transformation - Get data in the resolution you need and apply context to make informed decisions. Enterprise-wide Access - Put the right metrics in the right hands via desktop, tablet, mobile devices, and wearable. Reduce IT burden: Cloud software-as-a-service helps to limit your costs, not your potential.
Picture of Industrial Information Management
Picture of Industrial Information Management
Helping Engineers and Operators Optimize Processes
Troubleshooting - When things go awry, Information Management helps to find out why, and with continuous improvement based upon historical information, collect high resolution data to review and assess historical events. Get to the root of the problem with high fidelity information. View the state of any device or asset at any time, and see downtime at a glance.
Realize the Potential of Industrial Big Data with Range of Historians
Historian for hybrid industries rich in process data and discrete data storage and analysis. Enterprise Historian for complex industrial data solutions that are scalable and flexible. Cloud Historians are ready for IoT.
Picture of Industrial Information Management
Picture of Industrial Information Management
Clients for Every Use
Operational analysis for the operational workforce, process analysis for the process performance engineer, remote reporting/analysis for the mobile workforce, frictional operational dashboard for everyone .