Industrial Radiometric Thermal Camera

High-quality, high-resolution color video camera with a motorized zoom lens and auto-iris. High-definition video in low-light conditions includes integrated IR LEDs for operation at 0 lux up to 50 meters
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Thermal Video Monitoring with Temperature Alarming
The FV-3543-1 is ideal for applications in which the temperature of equipment or product must be continuously monitored to ensure product quality and process safety.  It provides high resolution color thermal video of the item of interest.  Thermal thresholds may be programd so the camera will alarm should equipment or product exceed these limits.  The result is improved productivity, quality, and worker safety
Picture of Industrial Radiometric Thermal Camera
Picture of Industrial Radiometric Thermal Camera
Main Features
Versatile camera, ideal for critical temperature monitoring applications. High-resolution thermal video camera. Monitor process with up to 6 user-defined zones.  Within each zone, the camera may be programd to alarm on:high temperature, low temperature, average temperature, and standard deviation. Camera has -40 degrees to 550 degrees C dynamic range. Camera alarms may be communicated to your control system via OPC or MODBUS/TCP
Management and Integration Software
This network camera is compatible with Longwatch video management software from IVC, which can be used to integrate video from the camera with your SCADA or DCS system
Picture of Industrial Radiometric Thermal Camera
1 Year
Camera Resolution
320 x 240
5 lbs
4.25” D x 16.0” L
Voltage & Current Required
110 VAC; 220 VAC; PoE/22W
Operating Temperature
-29° C to 50° C
Protection Class
IP66, NEMA 4
Full Specifications
* Detailed specifications in the offer data sheet