AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform

A secure cloud information platform to collect, store, and visualize process data for better decisions. Access detailed operational data from multiple sources, and from across the enterprise, for frictionless process dashboard analysis and remote triage
Making Industrial Analytics Accessible
Detailed industrial insights available anywhere, anytime, any device. Unlock your critical data from your operational network and put actionable insights securely into the hands of your staff when and where they need them. Intuitive interface means less time learning the system, and more time improving your operational efficiency. Collaboration tools ensure the right people are always in the know.
Picture of AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform
Shift to managed Opex cost, eliminate Capex cost
Managed software solution that lowers your IT burden and provides quicker time to value with simple to use analytics and KPIs. Augment your existing automation systems with proven cloud technology that can scale to fit your business needs. Only pay for what you need; grow the platform quickly and easily when required.
Augment Business Performance
Access detailed industrial data and stay informed in real-time. Expose hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs, increasing asset performance and driving better production results. Faster and better decisions are possible due to the unique combination of the AVEVA Insight web client and the SmartGlance mobile application. So whether you prefer to work at your desk, or on the go, your insights are always at your fingertips.
Picture of AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform
Picture of AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform
Trusted and Secure Solution
The AVEVA Insight platform is built using the most exacting approach to cybersecurity. Leveraging Microsoft Azure data centers and a number of proprietary tools to ensure that your critical data is protected at rest, and in motion. We offer a transparent overview of our security statement, system status and legal terms at https://trust.wonderware.com
Leverage IIoT
With annual subscription and targeted towards enterprises of any size, AVEVA Insight integrates data from multiple sources into a single, cloud-based system. With connectivity options from all major HMI, SCADA, and Historians, and IIoT protocols such as MQTT, SigFox and LoRa,  AVEVA Insight helps expose hidden areas for performance improvements - anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Picture of AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform
Picture of AVEVA Insight - Cloud and Mobile Platform
The Common Factor
OEMs, solution builders and end-users across industries have one common factor to improve operations: AVEVA Insight.  AVEVA Insight users report improved productivity and efficiency, reduced costs and downtime, and increased team engagement.
Optimized Scenario
Self Service Industrial Data Platform with Operational Process Dashboarding and Analysis Service. An ideal SAAS offer for opportunities where data is distributed yet required anywhere; or you need remote analytics to your plant. Simple to setup, no additional IT infrastructure necessary, and cost-effective delivery model means AVEVA Insight can scale to fit small, medium or large enterprises.
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