Integrated Engineering and Design Solution

Engineering data and 3D design data can now be integrated into one managed plant information model to accelerate and control the iterative design and engineering process.
Take Control of the Design Spiral - Simultaneous instead of Iterative.
  • AVEVA's Engineering and Design suite of software with "inbuilt" integration provides efficient change control and communication ensuring data consistency because each discipline-specific product is naturally integrated allowing critical design information to be shared between disciplines.
  • Important to note that -  The engineer and design products are all powered by the same resources, this is NOT an optional use of a complex foundation layer to provide limited communication between disparate design and engineering applications.
Picture of Integrated Engineering and Design Solution
Powers Global Project Execution involving Multiple Engineering Disciplines.
The Integrated Engineering & Design solution -
  • Is highly configurable, e.g. for a flexible split of work in a Global Workshare environment.
  • Manages evolving multi-discipline engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment.
  • Built on AVEVA’s own technology platform (Dabacon) and Integrates with 3D, schematics, 3rd party & In-house applications.
  • Applies to both Greenfield & Brownfield 1D/2D/3D project execution of any size.
Engineer, Design, and Manage - savings of up to 30%.
  • The compare and update capability allows users to easily control the synchronization of common engineering data between disciplines.
  • Integration between applications ensures a clear distinction between issued work and work-in-progress.
  • Enables constantly accurate views of the data adapted to the users' role and project terms.
  • Makes versioning robust and roll back simple.
  • Review the "silent video" on your right for recent major enhancements.
Optimized Scenario
Multi-discipline teams need the most appropriate combination of AVEVA’s products and third-party applications to collaboratively create, refine and communicate engineering and design information, in real time, from anywhere in the world. By enabling more effective communication and efficient management of change the Integrated Engineering and Design solution reduces the number of iterative steps in the ‘design spiral’ to arrive more quickly at a final, optimized design.
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