Integrated Resource Management and Smart Material Acquisition

Enable cross-departmental production planning between engineering, procurement, and the warehouse to optimise resource utilisation and reduce procurement costs for both plant and marine projects.

Harmonise People and Systems for Full Spectrum Production Planning

The complete AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution which consists of several stand-alone products, serves as an integrated people and material management system that:
  • Provides a stronger link between all disciplines for a holistic view across the project
  • Facilitates collaboration both internally and with external supply chain partners to prevent duplication of effort and redundancy in purchases
  • Simplifies access to information to make for greater reliability in planning
Picture of Integrated Resource Management and Smart Material Acquisition

Integrated Resource Awareness

  • AVEVA Planning, part of the ERM solution stack enables effective management of resources and the creation of accurate work packages, promoting maximum schedule adherence and minimum rework
  • AVEVA Production, which is also a part of the AVEVA ERM solution family, links planning, materials, and resources, to provide accurate information about the project’s status on all levels at all times
  • AVEVA Assembly Planning, one of AVEVA's design products, breaks down the assembly production structure in a Ship's 3D design model to list all associated deliverables in the form of a hierarchical assembly tree. This results in efficient creation of accurate assembly documents, reduces man-hours, costs and delivery times
  • With AVEVA Hull Weld Planning,  accurately calculate welding content for a ship, sequences and space requirements for best use of workshops, welding robots, and labour
Picture of Integrated Resource Management and Smart Material Acquisition

Right Material, Right Quantity, Right Place - All at the Right Price

  • AVEVA Material and AVEVA Catalogue Manager are key applications in AVEVA ERM and are focussed on intelligent procurement
  • Minimise stockholding, waste, and surpluses through the efficient and timely management of iterative BOM's from approved 3D designs with AVEVA Material
  • Ensure that both the 3D design team and the production engineers are working with the same components and descriptions as materials management with the AVEVA Catalogue Manager
Picture of Integrated Resource Management and Smart Material Acquisition

Real-Time Contract Analytics for Enhanced Financial Control

  • AVEVA ProCon connects all decision makers to streamline contractual risk management
  • Early warning indicators pertaining to possible unplanned cost overruns drive management attention to critical situations for a timely fix
Picture of Integrated Resource Management and Smart Material Acquisition