Intelligence - Unifying Industrial Information Model

A unifying multi-dimensional information model to aggregate data from multiple sources and provide context for use with reporting/ dashboard tools. Improve plant performance in near real-time by enabling rich analytics in your BI tool on industrial data.
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Actionable Insights
Monitor KPIs as well as root-cause analysis for actionable insights into operational performance, sustainability and relationships between operational and business performance.
Information Models and Dashboards
Out-of-the-box information models and dashboards for several AVEVA Industrial Software applications, including MES Software, InBatch, CEM and System Platform Historical Alarm database.
Unlock Big Data
Unlock Big Data with information and measures in context with advanced correlation techniques to improve operational and business performance.
Picture of Intelligence - Unifying Industrial Information Model
Picture of Intelligence - Unifying Industrial Information Model
Contextual Intelligence. Always.
A user friendly data model with contextual sources in a single database provides easy to use analysis with rich visualisation capabilities to monitor and analyse data.
Unlimited data sources
Limited data sources
Optimised Scenario
An information modeling platform for advanced manufacturing operations with time series aggregation, advanced contextualization, complex batch processes and out-of-the-box support for Wonderware MES.
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Windows Server