InTouch Conversion Service

Driving your InTouch classic applications into the future
Protect Investment: Modernise Your InTouch Application
The InTouch Conversion service modernises your application to support the latest Microsoft Operating Systems and databases and software technologies, ensuring you can operate into the future with confidence and less risk.
Picture of InTouch Conversion Service
Picture of InTouch Conversion Service
Enable the Future: Leverage the Enormous Power of System Platform
System Platform has an epic array of capabilities that grows with every release - Situational Awareness (for greater operator efficiency), greatly enhanced graphics, improved alarming, centralized Tier 2 Historian and a secure platform represent the tip of the proverbial “functional iceberg”.
Take the Safest Migration Path By Using Experts
With intimate knowledge of the InTouch and System Platform software and with extensive HMI/SCADA domain expertise and cross industry experience, our software experts work with you to successfully and efficiently execute the conversion and re-implementation of your InTouch application. This knowledge and experience lowers your risk.
Picture of InTouch Conversion Service
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