InTouch HMI

Empowers operators to optimize, standardise and run their routine human interactions with automation systems. Extensive device integration capabilities, tag-based, very intuitive to use
Application Templates
InTouch HMI introduces application templates empowering users to leverage out-of-the-box templates or to create their own application leading to faster HMI development.
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Picture of InTouch HMI Access Anywhere
An InTouch extension that provides RDP access to InTouch applications via HTML5 compliant web browsers. InTouch HMI Access Anywhere provides secure access to your process anytime, anywhere, from any device with full InTouch functionality. InTouch HMI Access Anywhere is licensed for use with InTouch HMI only.
Picture of InTouch HMI Web-based eLearning Collection
Collection of eLearning courses comprising of online training videos including step-by-step instructions intended to provide an attendee with detailed InTouch HMI product knowledge.
Picture of InTouch HMI Curriculum Collection
Curriculum collection comprising of online training videos, demonstrations, lectures including step-by-step instructions intended to provide an attendee with detailed InTouch HMI product knowledge.
Product tags
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Situational Awareness
Extensive out-of-box Situational Awareness Library provides a superior set of building blocks for dynamic process visualization. It's a unique resource that helps make it easier for operators to focus on the most useful content, troubleshoot and minimize distraction and fatigue. The result is less disruption and downtime and a greater focus on performance improvement, safety and cost control. Resolve abnormal situations now 5X faster. Components include (may be sold separately)- process graphics, supervisory control, Historian and Alarm Adviser.
Actionable Insights
Leverages historical data expanding operator, plant IT, maintenance engineer knowledge as it combines real-time with historical data to provide greater insight and to make proactive and better decisions. Increase operator effectiveness by over 40%.
Picture of InTouch HMI
Picture of InTouch HMI
Remote Access
Increase operational efficiency with secure, real-time visualizations for remote or mobile Users. InTouch Access Anywhere extends remote monitoring and control to mobile, casual and non-traditional users using a wide variety of devices enabled with an HTML5 browser.
Optimized Scenario
Single to 5-node HMI for small to medium applications. Intuitive yet rich in capability, why 1/3 of the plants use InTouch. System capacity at 100 to 60K tag points.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System