Introduction to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) - eLearning

60 minutes eLearning course to provide a basic understanding of MES software. The course provides lectures and demonstrations of MES software features, including solution capabilities, editions - Operations, Performance and Quality and their usage.
Who should attend?
The introduction to MES eLearning course is targeted at plant floor operators and managers, system integrators, consultants, engineers, and technical professionals who need to configure and use the Wonderware MES software product in their manufacturing processes. Pre-requisites to attend the MES software training would be to have working knowledge of the Wonderware Applications Server concepts, including Plant, Area and Deployment Modeling, Template and Instance relationships, and Relative References and I/O Assignment and knowledge of the Wonderware InTouch for System Platform concepts, including ArchestrA Graphics, and Embedded Symbols.
Target audience and pre-requisites
MES software eLearning scope
Scope of the eLearning
60 minutes course provides a fundamental understanding of the Wonderware MES software packed with lectures and demonstrations. Starting with an overview of the software, participants get to understand the core features and editions and how the MES software and editions integrate with System Platform, software/hardware requirements and licensing.
eLearning Overview
Broadly categorised into 5 sections, the course provides lectures and demonstrations on the software and covers overview of Manufacturing Execution System, general features, including MES mapping of functions to products, application server benefits, MES Operations, MES Performance, MES Quality followed by a walkthrough of individual MES software components, including MES database, Middleware services, ME Clients, and Utilities. A dedication section on integration with System Platform including a System Platform topology, MES System Platform topology, and System Platform topology with Middleware services, which includes clients. The session concludes with hardware and software requirements, as well as basic licensing concepts for each MES component, including MES database, Middleware services, client hosting, and licensing requirements including entities.
MES software eLearning overview
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