Learning, Training & One Point Lesson - Course Development

Customized training based on each student’s aptitude and abilities which enables the student to achieve the results intended. Courses are approved by the customer and can be delivered by the customer, Avanceon or self-instructed
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Manufacturing Facility Technical Or Operational Issues Solved By Training The People That Use The System Daily
Training issues are often very compartmentalized and discrete in nature, are typically not formally addressed due to a lack of resources that could develop the training or because training is not a core competency.  As a result, the problems, and resultant impact, plague manufacturers and are not addressed at a root cause level.
Learning, Training and One Point Lesson – Course Development
Learning, Training and One Point Lesson – Course Development
Industry Experts Develop Custom Training Courses
Custom training courses that are needed to improve the skill set of manufacturers technical and operational resources.  Once resources are trained a significant hurdle is achieved and a focus on outcomes vs. excuses can be explored.  This offer allows for manufacturers to have a training option when key internal technical or operational resources are bandwidth constrained.
Getting Started
This offer is for Avanceon to provide our senior training experts to develop one course for delivery by the customer, self-taught or by Avanceon.  Each training course typically takes 2 to 3 days to develop from an initial interview and investigation.  Delivery is often provided in one day with associated Q&A.  The training and OPL offer is for a small and reasonable cost.
Learning, Training and One Point Lesson – Course Development
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