Line Performance

Identifies the weakest links in your production lines and restores them to run at their full operating potential.
Line Bottlenecks and Performance Visibility
  • Access in-depth analytics by drilling down using function and time slicing methods – zoom into the root cause of line constraints.
  • Real-time capturing and visibility of production equipment utilization, performance, and production progress (Can be viewed on the production line and web clients that link to the corporate network)
  • Capture extended period of data by categories, enabling decision making based on sufficient information.
  • Line Performance dashboard and reports are based on Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) practices. They offer critical information for the production, quality, and maintenance teams, such as OEE details, loss analysis, production details, Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
Picture of Line Performance
Leaner Production Processes
  • Process Configuration & Data Categorization - Once the process model is defined, work order, dashboard, and reports will follow the definition and bring meaningful information for performance evaluation.
  • Utilization Management - Out of the Box Interface to handle utilization event(s), The interface also supports commenting, merging and splitting of the event, enabling accurate reporting.
  • Model-Driven Approach - Allows for allows best practices and business rules to be brought into the system through workflow capability.
  • Work Order Management & Execution - The work order management console consists of a work order overview for the whole plant's production status monitoring. In this mode, work orders can be created or deleted, assigned to a line or moved to another line. Detailed information of each work order can be viewed and status can be changed as needed.
  • Content Cards - Users are able to use content cards to obtain an overview by area, by line or by equipment.
Engineering Effort - Simplify and Save
  • Predefined Content - The user interface, dashboard, and reports are all pre-defined yet can be still modified and customized. This reduces setup and deployment complexity, thus the project cycle and delivery timeline can be greatly reduced while maximising usability and flexibility.
  • Workflow-Driven Configuration - Configuration is effectively guided through workflow-driven questions. The step-by-step wizard provides ease of setup.
  • Customisable page views - The contents page is dynamic and can be created or modified by simply selecting content cards and/or bringing in internal or external content into the page.
  • Foreign Language Capability - Text is labeled with "resource key", supporting quick switching between languages. Translation or change of resource key values can be done either by importing a .csv file or by specific label editing.
  • PackML Compliance - Template is available within Line Performance for faster and easier deployment on a PackML-compliant machine.
Optimized Scenario
A rich on-premise solution that integrates supervisory and original equipment effectiveness capabilities resulting in OEE up by almost 30%, equipment up-time up by almost 20%, manufacturing cost reduced by almost 30% and product quality up by almost 5%.
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System Requirements
Windows Server