Longwatch Console Recorder

Automatically record activity on operator workstations. View live or recorded HMI, DCS, MES, or terminal server sessions to see exactly how operators deal with events
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Console Recorder Applicatons
  • Stoppages or upsets – Get to the root cause quickly and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated
  • Remote operator assistance – Live video streams of operator screens can be accessed anywhere for real-time troubleshooting
  • Document your process for analysis and continuous improvement
  • Track your manufacturing for quality monitoring and regulatory compliance
  • Noninvasive operator monitoring – View new operator actions live or go back in time to see how operators dealt with specific events
  • Playback of recorded operator screens synchronized with video from cameras brings a new dimension to overall process monitoring
Picture of Longwatch Console Recorder
Picture of Longwatch Console Recorder
Simple & Effective Operation
Software records the operator monitors and sends the data to a DVR for continuous or programmatic storage. No special hardware required.  Live and Recorded video capability. Read-only display provides better security
Automatic Video Linking
Click on a system event or alarm and automatically bring up video of the corresponding operator screen.  Link recorded video to any SQL database for new insights and information
Picture of Longwatch Console Recorder
Picture of Longwatch Console Recorder
Stand-Alone Playback
The Longwatch Viewer can display one or multiple consoles simultaneously.  Playback does not interfere with real-time operations.  Video playback can be viewed anywhere using Internet Explorer, a tablet, or smart phone
Based on Industry Standards
Record any Windows, non-Windows, or ACP thin client session.  Display using the Longwatch Viewer on Internet Explorer or ActiveX controls in your application
Picture of Longwatch Console Recorder
Optimized Scenario
Console Recorder is a software platform that automatically records activity on critical operator workstations. Acts as "Flight Recorder" for your control system.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System