Longwatch Video Historian

Software platform that automatically links event and historical process data to recorded video. Ideal for quickly identifying system upsets, minimising downtime, and improving process efficiency
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Longwatch Video Historian
Provides a visual context to your recorded system data, the video can show multiple variables; speed, distance, rate of change, limits, and sequences all simultaneously and unambiguously.  Video Historian is a state-of-the-art tool which supplements control system data with quickly accessed, intuitive video. The Video Historian records video automatically and integrates the recorded video with various manufacturing databases, thus providing managers and operators with a wealth of timely, additional information for making better decisions that save time, money, and effort.  Unlike other systems that only provide an ActiveX control that requires labor-intensive scripting, the Longwatch Video Historian automatically connects video to our databases including:
  • Real-time process database
  • Data historian (historical trending)
  • Alarm and event messages
  • Batch management messages
  • Workflow tracking messages
  • Maintenance system messages
Picture of Longwatch Video Historian
Picture of Longwatch Video Historian
Main Features
Automatically associate stored video with automation system events and data. Retrieve video based on:
  • Alarm or Event time
  • Batch ID or Lot Number
  • Operator ID
  • Type of activity
  • Type of alarm
Simultaneous viewing of video and historical trends, synchronized by time. Integrates directly with the Wonderware Historian client.  Drag the time cursor in the trend chart and the video moves with it. Built-in mapping of video to alarm messages, showing vide before, during and after an alarm occurred. Pre-tagging of video clips with SQL data. Associate video with operational information (e.g. batch ID, operator name, line ID etc.). Post-view tagging of video clips:
  • Operator-defined tags to organize collections of videos
  • Operator-entered comments
Easily integrates with other database applications:
  • SQL Stored Procedures Library
  • OPC Interface
  • FTP File Transfer
Optimized Scenario
Best suited when you need to correlate save video clips from cameras monitoring your operation with data from your control systems historian to get a more complete picture of what went wrong or what you're doing right
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System