Manufacturing Execution System

Scope covering Operations, Performance and Quality functionalities. Implementation can leverage the required module, providing fast time to value and flexibility for the end-user with an incremental path to evolve to other modules and operation excellence
Enabling Operational Control
MES/MOM Software helps enterprises across the globe achieve operational excellence & become world class.
MES for Operational Control
Picture of MES Operations
Foundation for agile production processes, MES Operations improves production and inventory management and enforces quality and compliance. The run time module covers work order and job scheduling, resource allocation, enforcement of product and process specification, inventory and WIP management, material tracking and product genealogy, labor tracking, process data collection and electronic record of all execution events.
Picture of MES Performance
Drive continuous improvement and increase existing asset utilization capacity with detailed performance analysis including equipment utilization and downtime, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and line performance management using bottleneck determination.
Picture of MES Quality
Ensures sample plan execution to specification and notifications of non-conformance or rule violations in real-time. Includes quality specifications, sample plan definition and execution, and statistical process control. Automate In-line Quality data collection and enable faster corrective actions, thereby reducing quality losses, cost of compliance and the risk of recalls.
Picture of Global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution Practice
Combination of dedicated MES project delivery teams and global solution architects that specialize in the implementation of multi-site MES programs
Product tags
Model Driven MES software for operational excellence
Model Driven MES
A comprehensive framework for customers to define, manage and execute standardised work practices that cross over organizational and application boundaries within a manufacturing organization.
Work order management
The foundation of MES software functionality and a common denominator for operations, performance and quality modules of the software which relates specifications, execution and data collection rules and historical data in product, material, equipment and process context.
MES work order process optimization
MES scope
When additionally licensed, an enterprise may add any desired capability which extends and leverages the already existing and fundamental work order management rules and definitions. The ability to implement MES software step by step allows an enterprise to focus on primary improvement and investment targets, limited risk and budget and shorter time to value/ROI. The ability to increase the functional scope will allow to also increase the overall ROI while always leveraging the synergies and initial investment in commonly required work order management context.
A common configuration console environment for Operations, Performance & Quality modules.
Central configuration for MES suite
MES Execution Information Availability
MES application content is delivered via desktop or native mobile application. Workflow Management is used to capture and standardise operational practices and tight integration with control systems & existing SCADA ensures near real-time information is available at any point of time.
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