MES Operations

Foundation for agile production processes, MES Operations improves production and inventory management and enforces quality and compliance. The run time module covers work order and job scheduling, resource allocation, enforcement of product and process specification, inventory and WIP management, material tracking and product genealogy, labor tracking, process data collection and electronic record of all execution events.
Manufacturing Execution
MES Operations dispatches production work orders to lines and machines according to available capacity. Shop floor operators have instant visibility of any schedule changes and can execute production orders accordingly. Real-time visibility of work order execution status provides predictability of order fulfillment and decision making support by accurately monitoring ‘planned vs. actual’ production dates and production quantities.
Picture of MES Operations
Picture of MES Operations
Product specification management
Bill of Materials (BOM) are part of the product specification information and are used for specifying, enforcing and reporting consumption against a job. Multiple versions of a BOM can be defined. Verification and tracking of parts or materials using barcode or RFID reader is possible through System Platform integration.
Global Specifications
Organise global specifications and assign specific values relevant to the operation or entity combination.
Picture of MES Operations
Picture of MES Operations
Inventory Management and Traceability
The MES system tracks and manages inventory at storage or in production locations and can provide a status of materials, WIP and end products in each location in real time – the inventory management functionality enables full material traceability and electronic records of all production events and related data facilitate drill down reporting into the product genealogy.
Labor Tracking
Detailed insights into time spent by resources on each job, shift and equipment as well as defining skill-sets associated to jobs.
Picture of MES Operations
Optimized Scenario
Digitize and standardize work order execution processes and procedures, enforce business rules and product specifications.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System