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My-T-Soft Build-A-Board

Provides on-screen keyboards which gives OEM's, VAR's, and End Users the tools to optimize applications and processes on handheld, rugged, tablet, or industrial systems. Select available or create customized layouts to improve productivity.
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Quick 2 minute overview
  • Review run-time keyboards and layout designer
  • Includes Key Dates in Keyboard History
  • My-T-Soft run-time platforms - Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Build-A-Board features for custom keyboard layouts
  • License Options
My-T-Soft Run-time Keyboards
World Standard Keyboard Utilities
  • The professional's choice since 1995 - My Typing Software
  • Technical, integration, and program-level support
  • Cross-platform
  • Application integration developer's kit and examples
  • Bundled by major OEMs, integrated with HMI, SCADA, AIDC systems
World Class Keyboards
  • Customer driven features and capabilities
  • Enhances sealed systems (extremely clean or dirty environments)
  • Increased security with operator specific layouts
  • Forklift and Vehicle mount systems benefit from optimized layouts
  • Displays large keys for gloved operators
  • Used throughout the world on submarines, oil rigs, airplanes; in warehouses, factories, hospitals, board rooms; for food production, medical processes, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, etc.
  • The ongoing envolution of the keyboard interface
World Class Keyboards
My-T-Soft Possibilities
Customized Layouts are Optimized layouts
  • Increases Security
  • Impoves Productivity
  • Reduces Errors
  • Lower training costs
  • Simplifies complex tasks and saves time
Deployment and Licensing Options
  • Customized installations with pre-built layouts and license
  • Image ready masters
  • Web account downloads and licensing
  • Integrates with existing software management tools
  • License per device, Component/OEM Bundle
  • Site, Company, and Enterprise licenses
License Options
Developer Tools
Available on
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Life Sciences
Water & Wastewater
Power & Utilities
Pulp & Paper
Minerals, Metals and Mining
Expertise Services
Software Development