NLINK SAP Connector

A commercial off-the-shelf and fully supported manufacturing plant floor to SAP Connector that delivers a reliable, flexible, configuration based solution that installs nothing into the SAP landscape and requires no custom coding.
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Comprehensive and Secure SAP Integration
Connect any manufacturing plant floor system to SAP using a variety of native SAP integration technologies. Regardless of SAP connectivity technology used, NLINK connects to SAP as an RFC client using a standard SAP userid. All security authorization, authentication and access privileges are controlled by SAP just like any other user. No transactional data is stored permanently in NLINK, data is received, business logic applied and then the processed data is sent on its way.
NLINK Architecture
SAP Certified Logo
SAP Certified
NLINK® achieved its first SAP Certification in October 1999. Since then it has maintained at least one active SAP Certification over the subsequent years. SAP Certified products have been tested by SAP to be compliant with the particular requirements of the specific SAP Certification achieved. NLINK has achieved 10 separate SAP Certifications over the lifetime of the product.
Mobile Ready
Mobilize your SAP plant floor data. Allow users to view SAP data using graphs, charts and grid displays of text & numerical data on their mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. Any device that supports an HTML5 compatible browser can be used to show graphical displays of SAP data.
NLINK Dashboard Module
NLINK OPC Connector
Device Ready
Connect any SCADA, PLC or DCS to SAP using OPC. NLINK acts as an OPC client and can read OPC tag values, apply business logic and then post the data to SAP. When data from SAP needs to go to the plant floor NLINK reads the data from SAP, filters and transforms it as necessary and then writes it to an OPC tag. The applications are almost limitless:
  • Automatically create SAP work notifications from equipment monitoring
  • Automatically upload scanned data from a production line to SAP
  • Provide simple "pre-MES" capabilities to the plant floor before purchasing an MES
  • and much more ...
MES Ready
Connect any commercial or custom built Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA quickly and easily with our pre-built, out-of-the-box SAP interfaces. Available transaction sets include:
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Management.
MES to SAP Integration
SAP Sequence Diagram
Automatically generate mapping diagrams that represent the configuration of an NLINK integration project. Since these drawings are created directly from the NLINK configuration itself, they are always accurate and complete. The drawings are interactive, allowing the user to control how much detail is shown and which aspects of the configuration are exposed or hidden. NLINK solves one of the biggest headaches on the plant floor today; undocumented systems and interfaces.
NLINK Product Video
The NLINK SAP Connector is designed to enable manufacturing IT teams to deliver sophisticated SAP-based plant floor solutions quickly, easily and without requiring custom code or corporate SAP personnel and resources. Watch the video to see a system overview and a functional demonstration.
NLINK Configuration Demo
The NLINK SAP Connector is a configuration-based product. Absolutely no custom code is required to deploy sophisticated real-time SAP interfaces to the manufacturing plant floor. Which this short video to see a live demonstration of a SAP interface being built and deployed.
A Mature & Widely Deployed Product
The NLINK SAP Connector has been successfully deployed and supported worldwide since 1999. Hundreds of companies are using NLINK today to actively connect their plant floor systems to SAP R/3, SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA and mobilize their plant floor SAP data.
NLINK Deployments
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