Communication Drivers - Device Integration

Operation Integration Servers are best-in-class scalable IoT ready device integration/connectivity suite that empowers application engineers and system integrators across industries to drive engineering efficiency, data access and align with industry standards and 3rd party servers.
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Hardware/Software agnostic connectivity to platforms in industrial supervisory market.
Picture of Communication Drivers - Device Integration
Picture of Communication Drivers - Device Integration
Auto-Build support reduces connectivity configuration efforts.
Industrial Internet of Things
Multiple independent instances of the same driver in a single node reduces the application costs. With the ability to run multiple instances of the same node, potential problems are isolated without affecting other instances. Make configuration updates to a driver/instance without affecting other instances ensuring high availability. Parallel independent processing ensures higher throughput per node per instance. Continuously growing driver suite with backward compatibility to the OI core.
Picture of Communication Drivers - Device Integration
Optimized Scenario
Operation Integration servers expands the connectivity spectrum to the data layer as well as to the business and ERP layers which supports an industry wide, global, IoT and Cloud-ready communication strategy.
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Windows Server
Windows Operating System
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