Performance Manager

A platform that improves and sustains operational performance leading to better utilization of assets, better visibility of operational status, combining with a root cause analysis system for knowledge capture on next actions and collaboration
KPI Platform with Unified Asset Model and Hierarchical KPIs
Standardise and govern the business processes which sets and changes limits for business, operations, and safety. Frequently monitor and analyze deviations to targets and violations of limits.
Picture of Performance Manager
Picture of Performance Manager
Root Cause Analysis / Building Embedded Knowledge
Much more than a logbook, Decision Manager captures critical plant knowledge and provides a linkage between performance events, their root causes, comments and generates a list of potential actions. It helps to manage, assign and track task/work to resolution and notifies a user with the log and view of pending work and handovers.
Rich Configurable Dashboards for Analysis
A single, consistent experience to configure the visualization, set-up KPIs, boundaries/limits and to collaborate, escalate and track activity. Configure interaction with desktop, wall, tablet, and smartphone devices, analyze causes, trends, forecasts, benchmarks, export for desktop analysis, calculations, etc.
Picture of Performance Manager
Picture of Performance Manager
Semantic Processing
The semantic processing module significantly improves the reliability and accuracy of data insight by reducing the skill level and effort to unify the diverse information names and data structures across the different software applications used by operations management.
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