Pipeline Operations - Gas

Gas industry-specific applications that work a layer above OASyS SCADA systems and primarily support day-to-day operations. Delivers increased business value to gas pipelines and distribution companies globally.
Real-time Metering and Analysis
The controller is able to configure Host Calculated Flow Meters and Gas Chromatographs, allowing the system to calculate corrected flow rates in volume and energy units, heating values and specific gravity on a real-time basis.
Picture of Pipeline Operations - Gas
Picture of Pipeline Operations - Gas
Real-time Flow Totals
  • Monitor station total flow rates, plant or other facility fuel usage, gas processing plant shrinkage, line segment inventory changes, and other operational functions.
  • Real-time flow totals allows real-time balancing of flow rates allowing construction of a detailed hierarchy representing flow through the pipeline system.
Line Pack Monitor
  • Enable real-time calculation of pipe segment line pack and deltas.
  • Pipe segment geometry and analog scans of operating pressures and temperatures are used to calculate the current line pack and pack, draft values in real time.
  • Any number of segments can be represented, allowing detailed monitoring of the inventory in the pipeline system.
Picture of Pipeline Operations - Gas
Picture of Pipeline Operations - Gas
Compressor Performance
Monitor performance of centrifugal (turbine) compressor units and maintain unit statistics for maintenance planning and fault detection.
Gas Contract Nominations
Represent key operational data associated with gas contracts including daily nomination, expected hour-by-hour profile, end of day volume and remaining time to meet accumulated volume.
Picture of Pipeline Operations - Gas
Optimized Scenario
Consolidate simplified and advanced simulation functionality under one offering including one user interface with real-time visibility on Gas pipeline operations with SCADA.
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Windows Server
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