Pipeline Operations – Liquids

An advanced application which delivers real-time intelligence to track, predict movement and preempt anomalies with the help of tight SCADA integration leading to real-time operational efficiency for liquid pipeline operation companies.
Advanced Model
Real-time transient model (RTTM) with Hydraulic profiles. Includes product tracker and inventory calculations.
Picture of Pipeline Operations – Liquids
Picture of Pipeline Operations – Liquids
Simple Model
Simple hydraulic model, multiple hydraulic profiles and Inventory/linepack calculations included.
Batch Tracking
Tracks the movement and predicts the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for batches through a pipeline system. Management of batch tracking is performed with batch editor functionality.
Picture of Pipeline Operations – Liquids
Picture of Pipeline Operations – Liquids
Virtual Flow Computer and Batch Transfer Management
Virtual Flow Computer determines net metered volumes and flow rates for each point of measurement in the pipeline system, utilising standard American Petroleum Institute (API) calculations. Batch Transfer Management provides the ability to store, view and edit pending, active and completed tickets. Also accept batch movement schedules from scheduling Interface.
Tank Management
Provides net and gross volumes of fluid within tanks based on telemetered tank levels and provides estimates on time to fill/empty based on current rate and notifies operator when required.
Picture of Pipeline Operations – Liquids
Optimized Scenario
Consolidate simplified and advanced simulation functionality under one offering including one user interface with real-time visibility on liquids pipeline operations with SCADA.
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