ProCon Solution

A secure, internet enabled contract management system that reduces avoidable cost overruns in CapEx intensive projects for Owners, Operators, and Contractors.
Enjoy the impact of simpler contracts felt throughout all stages of the project's life​.
  • Systemises and codifies contract processes.
  • Correct contract administration ensuring mutual trust and cooperation.
  • Delivers certainty of actions and outcomes.
  • Early warning of potential commitments changes.
  • Tracks both parties’ contractual obligations and issues.
  • Proactive notifications.
  • Common contracting language.
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Manage contractual risk with pre-configured business processes.
AVEVA ProCon’s industry-leading automated commercial audit provides unparalleled insight into the causes of contractual risk in your project portfolio, and the sequence of internal and external stakeholder decisions and actions that were taken to mitigate them. Managing risk is facilitated with standard automation interfaces for third-party applications access, such as -
  • Contractor record management;
  • Pre-award/e-tender management
  • Post-award contract execution;
  • Analytics for delivering business intelligence
Reduce cost, man-hours and legal bills.
ProCon is easily accessed via a web browser and can scale for use by 1000's of users to deliver business intelligence reporting and analytics from RFI through to handover and on into operations.
  • Pre-Sanction – Man hours can be reduced by 5-10% by more accurate assessment, selection, and definition of projects.
  • Post-Sanction – A further 20-25% reduction in hours can be achieved at this stage by accurately executing projects.
  • Claim/Liability – Legal bills have been reduced by up to 30% by simply having a single source of all project information and communication allowing liability to be determined more easily.
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Optimized Scenario
Contract management impacts many areas within an organization and can significantly influence its budget, operations, customer service, and public image ; ProCon provides for process and contract management every step of the way during capital projects.
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