AVEVA™ Production Accounting

Perform statistics-based data reconciliation and identify gross errors in the measurements for material balance envelopes.
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Production Accounting in a Processing Plant
Designed for accounting personnel to enter or correct movements and stream quantities of material, component and/or energy balances. plant-wide, complex-wide.
  • Confirm inventory information, identify/correct faulty meters, aid in loss detection
  • Produce final, reconciled (adjusted) consumption and production quantities to be reported to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning tool such as JD Edwards, SAP)
  • Focusses on transactions with the capability to reconcile transactions for the desired time period
  • Interacts with process historian for total cumulated rates and connects with other databases to retrieve transactions for receipts, shipments and tank movements
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Why Production Accounting?
  • Improve the accuracy of the planning LP model
  • Calculate KPI (loss, product unit cost, energy cost)
  • Detect gross errors (faulty measurements, missing movements)
  • Remove human error
  • Consistent and faster production accounting.
Object Oriented User Interface
  • A comprehensive object-oriented graphical user interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop functionality for building and viewing your plant model.
  • The intuitive user interface automatically constructs the balance equations that are necessary to reconcile raw data.
  • As changes are made in the flow diagram, the balance equations are modified automatically to match it.
  • Running the reconciliation algorithm results in a recolorization of all displayed objects based on their new status.
  • Out of service streams, streams that have a gross error, and balanced streams are all shown in different colors.
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Gross Error Detection and Elimination
  • Set thresholds to determine the outliers' inflows and identify them in the GUI to be excluded from the reconciliation and listed as gross errors.
  • Gross errors may be caused by missing flow, faulty flow meters and erroneously entered oil movement data.
Off-sites Integration
Integration with Off-sites for tank inventory and movement that results in,
  • Elimination of manual data entry that streamlines and improves the quality of data acquisition
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of receipt, shipment and process data
  • Identifying gross errors, correcting inaccuracies and reducing or eliminating losses
  • More consistent, reliable data for cost, yield, equipment, and plant-wide performance measures (KPIs).
  • More effective Instrument maintenance efficiency, focusing on true problem areas
  • Providing improved feedstock data for process yield simulators
  • Accurate Feedstock Tracking
  • Potential benefits at a typical 250,000 bbl/day refinery are $8.5 Million USD/yr by simply reducing unaccounted losses.
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Composition Tracking and Automatic Movement Detection
  • Composition tracking models shall be constructed to track the composition and qualities of the feedstocks and products such as Crude oil, Naphtha, etc.
  • The composition tracking and automatic movement detection are both fully integrated with data reconciliation
  • These features are optional and separately licensed.
Picture of AVEVA™ Production Accounting
Use Case
Production Accounting provides the users with many practical tools for solving everyday problems and these increase accuracy, measure KPI and most importantly negate human error.
Optimized Scenario
Designed as a production accounting tool modeling environment to be used by accounting personnel for the business practice of reconciling the material balance around the entire facility, including tank inventory changes, receipts and shipments.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System