Progressive Handover Solution

Change traditional event-driven handover into an incremental flow of approved data into operations.

Earlier Operational Readiness with the Digital Twin

  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. It continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • De-risk the transition of a new facility from its EPC-managed CAPEX project phase into production by a progressive handover strategy optimising the value of handover information
  • The Progressive Handover solution is comprised of the base AVEVA NET solution which is made of AVEVA Workhub and Dashboard with one or more AVEVA Gateways and AVEVA's Information Standards Management application
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Pitfalls of Conventional Handover - Delay and Cost

  • Delays due to having to go back to the EPC for additional information
  • Designers, contractors, product suppliers, and owners waste a huge amount of money looking for, validating and recreating facility information that should be readily available
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Progressive Handover Best Practices

  • Contractually define what data should be presented by the EPC and how it should be presented
  • Insist on properly formatted and tagged digital information
  • Establish a timetable of data delivery targets that align with project goals
  • Set checkpoints for accuracy of information
  • Harness the benefits of the AVEVA Net family of products that are built for sharing engineering information
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Early Stage Handover Instead of Late Stage Handover

  • Specify the structure and format in which all engineering data is to be handed over, early in the project
  • Ensure that certain information would be handed over at various points throughout the project
  • Following receipt of information, AVEVA NET technology can be used to mine many thousands of documents and automatically extract the necessary information to spreadsheets
  • The Information is then handed to teams who would populate the company’s own management and maintenance systems
Picture of Progressive Handover Solution