Project Data Assurance Solution

Provides a single source of assured information in a multi-contract, multi-CAD project environment.

Information Integrity for the Digital Twin

  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility. It continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • The Project Data Assurance Solution provides for data integrity in the project information management capability of the overall digital twin approach
  • The solution is comprised of the base AVEVA NET solution which is made of AVEVA Workhub and Dashboard with one or more AVEVA Gateways and AVEVA's Information Standards Management application
Picture of Project Data Assurance Solution

Interface to All Information Sources

  • AVEVA NET Gateways form a part of the base AVEVA NET solution and are delivered as a part of an AVEVA NET implementation
  • There are over 30 standard Gateways available covering all the major 2D and 3D engineering design systems – including PDMS, MicroStation, SmartPlant, PDS, and AutoCAD – as well as document management systems and general document and data file formats
Picture of Project Data Assurance Solution

Impose Consistent Information Standards

  • Overcome any inherent inconsistencies by rationalising existing class libraries with AVEVA's Information Standards Management Solution
  • Information Standards Management works with all existing information sources and authoring applications
  • Information Standards Management is available as a SaaS solution through AVEVA’s cloud platform, AVEVA Connect
Picture of Project Data Assurance Solution

Quality Controlled Project Information Hub

  • Extract, collate and relate all the project information so you can start to assess, and then control, it's quality – through data validation against project standards and consistency reporting across data sources
  • Manage the flow of that information to the people, and systems, that need to make use of it - safe in the knowledge that people are working with the latest validated known quality data
Picture of Project Data Assurance Solution