Project Data Visualization Solution

Visualize information in its most appropriate form, gaining deeper insights into the origin, history, and associations of any given data.

Information Management For the Digital Twin

  • A digital twin is the information core of every facility, it continuously represents the physical asset, providing a record of its changes and a platform from which to predict its future
  • The Project Data Visualization Solution provides the project information management capability of the overall digital twin approach
  • The solution is comprised of the base AVEVA NET solution which is made of AVEVA Workhub and Dashboard with one or more AVEVA Gateways and AVEVA's Information Standards Management application
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Link Information From Any Source

AVEVA NET Gateways form a part of the base AVEVA NET solution and are delivered as a part of an AVEVA NET implementation. AVEVA regularly develops new Gateways in consultation with our customers to meet specific business needs.
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Impose Consistent Information Standards

  • Overcome any inherent inconsistencies by rationalising existing class libraries with AVEVA's Information Standards Management Solution
  • Information Standards management works with all existing information sources and authoring applications
  • Information Standards Management is available as a SaaS solution through AVEVA’s cloud platform, AVEVA Connect
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Enterprise-Wide Information Visualization

  • AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard is part of the base AVEVA NET solution and provides for the aggregation of different types of project information from multiple sources
  • 2D and 3D visualization, discovery, and navigation through an intuitive, web browser-based graphical user interface enables users across the business to visualize and validate all types of data and documents
  • Automatic extraction and linking of tag data from drawings and documents promotes project collaboration and efficiency
Picture of Project Data Visualization Solution