Recipe Management - Simplify your Recipe Management Process

Formula and Process Management of Product in an Equipment. Simplifies the processes related to recipe deployment, optimization and execution as well as supports standardization across equipment lines and plants in manufacturing operations.
Consistent Quality
Digital recipe management secures consistency in product quality and increases efficiency through automation of equipment setup processes and recipe execution.
Recipe Management for Consistency
Picture of Recipe Management - Standard
The standard edition has formula management and downloads functionality with generic parameter management and value transfer for any equipment/system. Serves many production “Recipe” requirements.
Picture of Recipe Management - Professional
The professional edition includes Standard edition plus Recipe/Procedure Management and execution of work order.
Picture of Recipe Management OMI App
Provides all the features and functionality of Recipe Management including strong governance functionality, configurable role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals, electronic signatures, and an electronic change and execution history
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Recipe Manager for complex procedures
Ready to use Recipe Management
Scalable for formula management and download or recipe management including complex procedure modeling and execution, fully automation and control system independent, web based client/server system with central data management and a rich HTML5 based user interface including role-based security, versioning of items, approval for production, automatic execution and change history records, and support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations.
Formula Templates
Defines the list of parameters and default values for a specific product, or system set- Up. Includes parameters for one equipment or multiple.
Recipe Manager Parameters
Recipe Manager Notifications
Formula Downloads
Operators can assign a formula, adjust target values and download the formula with success or error notifications.
Formula Import
Import formula from execution history helps to capture and enforce the “Golden Batch” Formula.
Best Practices with Recipe Management
Optimized Scenario
Recipe and formula management that works with any SCADA/HMI control system
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Food & Beverage
Life Sciences
System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System