Redundant Computing Made Easy - Ensuring Availability

Redundant computing solutions for industrial use that are easy to deploy, manage and service. Increase efficiency and agility, while lowering downtime risk.
Confidence to Operate -Proven 99.99% Availability
  • Key in today’s industrial operations the confidence to operate through the reliability, and availability of the systems.
  • Stratus provides a range of Redundant Computing solutions for new installations to those with existing hardware and for edge, that make high availability a reality without complication.
Picture of Redundant Computing Made Easy - Ensuring Availability
Picture of Stratus ftServer – Fault Tolerant Server for Control Room Applications
Award winning computer platform for delivering continuously available SCADA/HMI, Historian, and MES services in the control room. Eliminate unplanned downtime. Certified for System Platform 2017.
Picture of Stratus everRun – software for custom redundant industrial computing solutions
Affordable, versatile, availability software. Combined with industry standard hardware, creates a custom solution that protects your critical industrial applications and data. Ideal for companies with existing Hardware standards,
Picture of Stratus ztC Edge – virtualized zero touch computer for the plant floor
Built-in virtualization, automated application and data protection, and 24x7 monitoring. Ideal for running business-critical industrial applications quickly and reliably in remote, locations with limited or no IT resources.
Picture of Redundant Computing Made Easy - Ensuring Availability
Proven Foundation for 100s of Reliable Industrial Solutions
  • Proven on 100s of industrial solutions today
  • Simple to apply
  • From transport solutions
  • Industrial Control Centers
  • To complex Automation systems
Achieving 99.99% Availability
  • Applied on the most critical operational solutions in the world
  • Ensuring 99.99% availability through proven architecture
  • Lock - Step Process of Fail-over Firmware and Hardware
  • Software Dual Virtual Machines with lock-step process and fail-over software
Picture of Redundant Computing Made Easy - Ensuring Availability
Picture of Redundant Computing Made Easy - Ensuring Availability
Award Winning - Availability Solution for Aveva Software
  • Aveva 2017 HMI and SCADA Technology Product of the Year
  • Validated and tested with Wonderware System Platform with each release
  • Proven on many sites to combine with Wonderware System Platform to provide 99.99% availability.
Optimised Scenario
Targeted for critical operations which need high availability, reliability up in the 99.99% providing both a hardware solution, and software solution for existing hardware.
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Life Sciences
Water & Wastewater
Power & Utilities
Pulp & Paper