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Remote Response Objects

Monitor alarm conditions in System Platform and send notifications to the required personnel by email or SMS.
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Alarm Monitoring with the Remote Notifier
  • Detect Alarms when they occur
  • Capture Alarm transitions
  • Configure notification message formats
  • Create custom messages for an individual alarm
  • Set up time-based escalations
Picture of Remote Response Objects
Picture of Remote Response Objects
Email and SMS with the Remote Communicator
  • The RemoteCommunicator object connects to the email server to send alarm notification messages originating in the RemoteNotifier
  • It also provides contacts management and a schedule, containing lists of individuals who are required to be notified based on the time
  • In addition to its email capability, the RemoteCommunicator can be configured to send SMS text messages
Alarm Acknowledgement
  • Remote Response Objects can be configured to allow users to respond to alarm notifications by acknowledging alarms by email and SMS text messages and also to optionally receive notifications of acknowledgments
  • To acknowledge an alarm, the user who receives an email or SMS notification simply replies to the message and enters a properly formatted message body containing a PIN (if required) and optional alarm comment
  • In addition, the RemoteNotifier object monitors for changes in the acknowledged state of the alarm - when it sees the acknowledgment, it stops its escalation logic and sends a message to the RemoteCommunicator indicating that the alarm is acknowledged
Picture of Remote Response Objects
Optimized Scenario
Seamless Monitoring, Notification and Acknowledgement for Alarms.
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