S&C DocManager

Plant design & operation require a document management system that perfectly supports engineers, contractors or operators in their daily work. It’s not only the document that counts, knowing content & relationship to tagged objects is a must!
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Use Cases
Our tool enables project teams and owner-operators to have all required documents at their disposal. This can be a designer who wants the latest drawing for his design or a plant operator who requires the latest datasheet to query information. All can be obtained through S&C DocManager in any possible document format.
Picture of S&C DocManager
Picture of S&C DocManager
Document Control System
Our software solution comes with a predefined status and revision control and can be adjusted to the corporate workflow, enabling a Document Control System inside AVEVA Engineering. The user will always have access to the current uploaded revision and still can see previous revisions for comparison.
Product Description
Our tool enables users to store any document type in a DabaCon database, which is used by various AVEVA products (such as Diagrams, Engineering, Everything3D, Global, etc.).The documents that are stored through S&C DocManager can be connected to any DabaCon element in AVEVA Engineering, making them accessible for all users that are working or searching for those elements. S&C DocManager is an add-in for AVEVA Engineering.
Picture of S&C DocManager
Picture of S&C DocManager
Key Features S&C DocManager
Document Revisioning
  • enables your Corporate Revision Control or can be used with the predefined S&C Revision Control.
Document Status Control
  • enables the use of Custom Status Control that represents your company workflow or can be used with the predefined S&C Status Control.
Document Previewer
  • provides a Document Previewer, that enables to view many standard document types. All foreign documents will still be accessible with its native application.
Multi-location Document availability
  • is compatible with AVEVA Global 3.5 or newer versions, enabling documents to be used across, multi-location projects.
Key Features AVEVA Engineering
  • Controlled Object Revisioning
  • Built-in status control
  • Database-driven with proven, scalable, multi-user technology
  • Configurable Project Explorer
  • Built-in viewers for P&IDs and the 3D model
  • Multi-location global working
  • Supports Common AVEVA technology infrastructure ( AVEVA Everything3D™, Outfitting, Diagrams and Schematic 3D Integrator)
Picture of S&C DocManager
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