Our tool is a must for every company involved in the planning, construction, or operation of technical plants and it is the access to the digital copy of your plant for the entire life cycle.
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Problem to solve
The successful project execution and safe operation of complex investment projects depend on the availability and completeness of the associated data and documents. Data and information are stored in a variety of different formats, distributed across multiple locations in unconnected systems. Changes made by different users can have unexpected consequences for the project. In the face of these challenges:
  • How can planners and the customer ensure that the plant data is completely correct?
  • How are inconsistent or missing information identified?
  • How are data and documents made available to the right people, at the right place, at the right time, so that the plant can be erected and operated safely and cost-effectively?
Picture of S&C NET
Picture of S&C NET
Benefits S&C NET
  • Secure decision-making based on current data and access to the history of plant data
  • A way to improve data quality and integrity
  • A platform for collaboration with partners to view and edit data
  • Step-by-step transfer of information from contractors
  • Improved compliance through auditable data models
  • Easy access to complete project data across all disciplines
  • Access to data and documents independent of device PC, Tablet, Smartphone
Product Description
  • An information management solution that brings together information from different locations and enables you to effectively address all these challenges.
  • A powerful web-based solution that helps users organize, validate, and collaborate on asset data and documents regardless of source and location, connecting employees in multiple locations with a single application.
  • Allows you to store and view information of any type and from any source in a secure environment. Related information is linked manually or automatically to create a single environment for viewing and understanding data from multiple systems.
  • This unique ability to work with any form of digital data, no matter where and in what format it is produced, is at the heart of our philosophy.
Picture of S&C NET
Picture of S&C NET
Key Features S&C NET
  • Object assignment: Each plant object is linked with its documents and systems e.g. pump with datasheet, layout, R+I as well as SAP maintenance, etc.
  • Data validation: highlighting inconsistent or missing data through specific information rules.
  • In-built visualization of all project data, including 3D models, 2D drawings, documents, and spreadsheets.
  • Object search: Search for plant objects, object classes, plant parts as well as complex queries and 3D navigation to the object.
  • Linking: Automatic creation of hotspots and hyperlinks in the model.
  • Import: Import data from external applications including 3D models, As-Is scan data, photos, drawings, datasheets, and other documents.
  • Safety: S&C NET meets the requirements of an audit-capable plant model.
  • Access control: Each user is assigned read and/or write rights for the data use of individual systems, objects, and attributes. User groups can also be set up.
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