SCADA Enterprise Platform

SCADA Enterprise Platform (SEP) delivers the tremendous power of a System Platform application, but with none of the developmental overhead.
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Why Build From Scratch?
SCADA Enterprise Platform combines decades of experience into a single product that includes out-of-the-box items such as:
  • Enterprise Grid View
  • Device Details
  • Menu Bar
  • Unit Notes
  • Asset-Centric Trends
Picture of SCADA Enterprise Platform
Menu Bar
  • Dozens of preconfigured buttons
  • Overall application control
  • Add your own buttons to suit your business model
Enterprise Grid View
  • Emulates your business model
  • Consolidates information from multiple locations into a common view
  • Aggregates & summarises critical information
  • Accommodates unlimited unique information sets
Picture of SCADA Enterprise Platform
Picture of SCADA Enterprise Platform
Asset Details
  • Delivers real-time and historical information
  • Customisable to suit your needs
  • Quickly monitor assets & infrastructure health
Asset-Centric Trends
  • Display Wonderware Historian data alongside any other time-sequenced data in the same trend
  • Shares trend files between users
  • Trended tags grouped by asset
  • Trend information from any time-sequenced database
  • Seamlessly trends information from multiple databases at the same time
Picture of SCADA Enterprise Platform
Enterprise-Grade Information Platform
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easily resolves system upsets
  • Rapid development software for enterprise implementation
Optimized Scenario
Rapid Deployment of Archestra-based Oil and Gas solutions.
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System Requirements
Windows Server
Windows Operating System
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