SCADA Virtualization Services

Create a reliable virtualized Wonderware SCADA or CitectSCADA system with detailed documentation
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SCADA virtualization done correctly can dramatically reduce downtime and maintenance of a SCADA system. This offer provides a highly qualified team to help you manage the transition from physical to virtual servers and clients, or to upgrade an existing virtualized system
Picture of SCADA Virtualization Services
Picture of SCADA Virtualization Services
Documentation of a virtualized SCADA system is the key to a successful project. Good documentation makes long term maintenance and upkeep simpler and cheaper. The following documentation will be provided as part of this offer:
  • SCADA software licensing support contract information
  • SCADA, Windows, VMware, and generic software licensing roles
  • Server roles, generic software, and SCADA software installed per guest (virtual computer)
  • Virtual server specification criteria
  • Domain Active Directory (security) specification (Domain Local, Global Groups, example users/computers, organizational units, etc.)
  • SCADA security matrix specification
  • Bill of materials
  • Installation map
  • Network drawings (Visio)
  • Subnet and IP address specification and list
  • Firewall rules specification
Common Challenges
SCADA virtualization can be challenging for both a SCADA team, and an IT/IS team if it their first time interacting on a large scale. This is typically because the two teams have different missions. This offer includes SCADA engineers trained on both SCADA and IT/IS aspects of virtualized systems. We enjoy bringing together SCADA and IT/IS teams to create great systems that meet stakeholder requirements.
Picture of SCADA Virtualization Services
Picture of SCADA Virtualization Services
Successful SCADA virtualization projects require knowledge of multiple technologies. Below is a list of some of the different areas of expertise required.
  • VMware training and certifications
  • Wonderware / CitectSCADA training and certifications
  • Networking training and certifications
  • Site specific training and requirements
This offer includes people with the skillset listed above, and a desire to understand your SCADA and IT/IS needs and requirements. Each client has specific requirements that our team will learn and incorporate into the design.
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Picture of SCADA Virtualization Services
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