Short Interval Control - Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outage

Centralised feedback loop for schedule across value chain in mining with real-time inventory awareness, and ability for rapid production decision response to situations. Minimise disruption for schedule, and production across your mining supply chain.
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Create Execution Schedule (PLAN):

This is the creation of a schedule based of a longer term plan, this schedule will break down the plan in to executable activities and provide enough detail for the individual tasks to be performed. Once approved the schedule is then published to the MES systems for future execution.
  • Create Schedule- Easily create detailed execution schedule to align with longer term plans.
  • Approve Schedule - Check and approve resources and personnel planned availability for execution tasks.
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Quickly Respond to Unplanned Events (ACT).

Unexpected events can occur due to equipment failures, process issues and measurement or sensor faults.  When a failure to a key piece of equipment has occurred the Maintenance personnel are notified and requested to enter failure reasons and anticipated repair time.  Alternatively, when process issues or measurement errors cause production targets to be missed, over a period of time inventories may be severly impacted.  If either the repair time or the inventory mismatch is sufficiently significant, the scheduler can be notified so that a revised schedule can be created so as to minimise the impact of these events on the overall production plan.
Picture of Short Interval Control - Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outage

Maximise Performing "planned" work vs "Ad Hoc, through awareness and alignment of tasks with schedule (DO)

At start of the shift on change be able to maximise "planned" tasks being executed vs "Ad Hoc".  Once verified and approved all task information is sent to each role so they can successfully perform the task and align to the scheduled requirements. Operators/roles  and systems feed back current status of the tasks for tracking progress.
  • Line Up Meeting - Check, update and approve current execution tasks against resource and personnel availability.
  • Execute tasks - Automatically notify all operators of their assigned tasks and all information required.
  • Complete tasks - Update current task progress by getting feedback from operators and systems.
Picture of Short Interval Control - Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outage

Conformance to Schedule (CHECK)

As the scheduled tasks are being executed the MES system tracks all material movements, inventory levels and production throughput. These are matched up with the schedule and current progress vs schedule and targets can be viewed.  Any current inventory levels and throughput rates can be updated in the scheduling system for reconciliation against simulated values and used for future scheduling activities.
  • Product tracking -Automatically capture the result of all activities performed.
  • Schedule conformance- Link performed activities to Schedule and update progress.
Picture of Short Interval Control - Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outage

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Picture of Short Interval Control - Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outage