Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management

A single, unified, enterprise application across all supply chain activities for Oil and Gas Downstream and Mining industries. It is the industry's only unified supply chain management environment that was designed from the ground up.
Unified Solution
Negates point solutions in supply chain management. No more different feedstock, topologies, pricing or disjointed optimisation techniques. Everyone speaks the same language.With an off-the-shelf common platform and cloud-enabled deployment, the total cost of ownership is reduced while promoting transparency.
Spiral Suite
Picture of Spiral Assay
Assay Crude & feedstock modeling and knowledge management. Rapid analysis of new crude assay data using predictive modeling and share across the organisation. Options of 3 assay libraries.
Picture of Spiral Plan
Plant optimisation with integrated analytics and flexible multi-period. Optimise decisions for supply, demand and operations.
Picture of Spiral Schedule
End-to-end plant scheduling including feed and blend optimisation. The efficient and adaptive simulation engine used throughout Spiral Suite allows real-time interactions with the schedule.
Picture of Spiral Network
Optimise supply and distribution network optimisation with unified integrated analytics. Includes full plant models when combined with Spiral Plan. Visualise and manage the network and share learning with traders.
Unified Supply Chain Management
Unified Platform with Scalable Modules
A single application with independent modules that are easily scalable, and an underlying architecture that has common data, model and user management. Data available and captured in one module is immediately available in another part of the solution. This enables seamless and unified workflows eliminating legacy tool boundaries.
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