Termis District Energy Management

Advanced operations solution which allows engineers and operators to manage (design, operate and optimise) district heating/cooling networks based on historic and real-time data.
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Plan, Design and Optimise
From planning new networks to day-to-day operations and optimisation, Termis district energy management solution minimises heat losses and maximises heat / cooling storage capacity with dynamic temperature optimisation in real-time.
Picture of Termis District Energy Management
Picture of Termis District Energy Management
How it Works?
Extends capabilities of existing systems such as SCADA, GIS and other systems to get real-time data and predict network behavior with detailed what-if analysis.
Cooling Water Management- Chilled Water Network Real-time Simulator
Chilled Water Network Real-Time Simulator software calculates energy loss and operational cost, validates measurement points and can be used to make decisions for future operations of the Chilled Water plants.Ensure:
  • Correct calculation of time delays in the network
  • Correct calculation of pressure drops and pumping costs
  • Correct calculation of energy loss
  • Possibility of including multiple Chilled Water (CHW) plants
  • Easy, quick and affordable start-up
Picture of Termis District Energy Management
Picture of Termis District Energy Management
Temperature Optimisation
Termis district energy management solutions determines anchor points for the inlet temperature of the plants, so that the total energy loss in the network is minimised, while at the same time ensuring comfortable temperature for the consumer.
Return on Investments
Termis District Energy Management has proven to provide a positive ROI in less than 18 months
Picture of Termis District Energy Management
Termis Real-time Solution allows operators to perform simulations based on real-time data and make model modifications
Termis Offline Solution allows engineers to perform offline hydraulic and thermal simulations for design and engineering purpose
Minimizes the operational costs related to heat loss and pumping and optimizes the network
Optimised Scenario
Optimise cooling and heating systems by predicting the network behavior in real-time leveraging SCADA
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System Requirements
Windows Server