Track and Trace for Food Traceability

The ability to understand what ingredients comprise a product, the quality, and state of those ingredients, the condition of the equipment that produced the product, and the workforce that worked on a product or batch are essential steps in a holistic process to continuously achieve a high level of food safety.

Material and Product Genealogy

  • Ability to capture full material history
  • Capture the materials consumed in a product
  • Record  material details
  • Understand what materials make up a product
  • Understand materials or lots used in producing specific batches of products
Picture of Track and Trace for Food Traceability

Confidence in Understanding What Makes Up a Product

  • Bring confidence to consumers to understand what makes up a product
  • Provide full product history on materials
  • Supply full history of processes and equipment
  • Capture data across the process and value chain
Picture of Track and Trace for Food Traceability

Visualize Full History of Processes, Equipment, and Workers Contributing to Production

  • Provide process history including temperatures through product creation
  • Identify the equipment the product was made on
  • Recognize the workers and teams that worked on the product
  • Record measurements, samples, and tests done on products
  • Record the complete material and process history of a product
Picture of Track and Trace for Food Traceability

Flexible Analysis and Rapid Understanding of Product History

  • Rich reporting and analysis
  • Provide all data process, materials and actions in the context of a product
  • Rapidly identify what risks are in a product
  • Quickly understand what products are affected by situations in production
Picture of Track and Trace for Food Traceability