Unified Engineering Solution

Break down the silos between process and engineering design. Use a single integrated platform for end-to-end facility engineering information from process simulation to 1D, 2D, and 3D design data for all phases of a project.

The Digital Twins - A Single Version of Truth

  • As part of the process design lifecycle, a model is typically created to simulate the plant before it is even built
  • So, you have a first born-digital twin before the physical asset is built
  • The AVEVA Process Engineering portfolio creates the first born-digital twin which enables engineers to test a physical asset twin before anything is constructed
  • This allows for the process, equipment, and operations to be analyzed and optimized for safety, reliability, and profitability
  • The physical asset is then constructed to the specifications of the first born-digital twin
  • Once the first born-digital twin is optimized, a company can give birth to the physical asset twin or the digital twin
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The Digital Twin in Engineering Design

  • For engineering, the relevant aspects of the digital twin are a combination of the digital asset and process behavior
  • A digital asset is an accurate digital representation of a physical asset's engineering data
  • Integrating process design with multi-discipline engineering workflows reduces delays in getting the latest valid information from other disciplines
  • The integration allows engineers to easily return detailed engineering data to the simulation in dynamic mode for controls checkout, safety analysis, and operator training
  • With all the engineering data in one place, FEED (Front End Engineering Design) projects become easier to control and manage
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A Single Platform for All Engineering Disciplines

  • Unified Engineering offers a single platform for all engineering disciplines combined with a data model for the digital twin
  • It consists of two main components, the Unified Lifecycle Simulation Platform (one model), and Integrated Engineering and Design (one database)
  • The two are combined to form a robust process model and an engineering database that can synchronize through a bi-directional flow of all 1D, 2D and 3D data from one platform
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Enable EPC 4.0 for Seamless Digital Collaboration

When an engineer has to make a change, instead of P&IDs needing to be updated and reissued manually, instead of equipment datasheets floating around on different systems, instead of out-of-date piping and equipment specs getting sent to suppliers, all lists and datasheets are aligned with 3D models and schematics on a digital twin – a digital version of the real-world, physical asset.
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Leverage Process Simulation within Engineering

  • Start off from a steady-state process simulation and generate design cases for the various plant conditions and hand them off into the engineering database
  • As your project progresses into detailed engineering the various engineering disciplines work on creating deliverables that may include equipment, piping, instrumentation, and controls
  • The equipment sizes are then provided back to the simulator, now in fluid flow and rating mode, to see how the plant will behave
  • Unified Engineering also helps check and validate changes in real-time, this increases efficiency and productivity during the engineering phase of the project and ultimately lowers the level of risk at commissioning and start-up
  • Uniquely integrates with 3D design to create high-quality deliverables
Picture of Unified Engineering Solution